“The philosophy that guides me is simple, ‘Transformation only occurs from the inside out.’”

My name is Veronica Malinska, and in my 32 years, I have been fortunate to see firsthand how a strong mindset can propel the body to do extraordinary things. From my 11-year career as a professional swimmer, winning multiple national swimming championships in various disciplines in my home country of Bulgaria, to more recently becoming the IFBB Bodybuilding Dutch Champion in two divisions in my first-ever competition, I have learned that when the mind is strong, the body is strong, and the possibilities are endless.

My travels around the world, meeting people who share a love for self-improvement and discovery, have guided me on this journey, and my own passion for movement and personal transformation drives me each day to inspire others to improve their physical and mental wellness, and to commit to long-term health and fitness goals. I enjoy motivating my clients, of all levels, to reach and surpass their desired physique and personal targets - all doing so with a positive, energetic, and collaborative spirit.

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